Apartments on Northgate in College Station

I'm a Texas A&M student living on Northgate. Here's what it's like.


College Station Apartment on Northgate

If you’re like most Aggies in College Station, you love to visit Northgate, but have you thought about living there? I’m a student at Texas A&M and I live in an apartment on Northgate, so I’m going to tell you all about it!

Northgate apartments are steps away from Texas A&M University’s campus, convenience stores, Starbucks pick-me-ups, 5 star tutoring services, weekly nightlife, and so much more. Imagine what it would be like to make this popular locale your home!

The first thing you’ll notice from many apartments on Northgate is the striking view of the City of College Station. You could wake up to the vista of College Station’s famous water tower that stands tall against the blushing pastel sky.

Stepping outside of your Northgate apartment, every corner of this neighborhood is immersed in tradition. Take a stroll on the main strip and pass the living history that is Bottle Cap Alley, the iconic Dry Bean Pub, and the famed Dixie Chicken. Time for class? Lucky for you, your apartment is just a few blocks from campus.

Deciding where to live in College Station can be *very* hard. You need to consider so many factors like amenities, dining, entertainment, and transportation. I’ll give you details about these and more so you can decide if renting an apartment on Northgate is the right decision for you.

Apartments on Northgate

There are an incredible number of options when it comes to choosing an apartment on Northgate! Every apartment building has a unique ‘personality’. Recently, many apartments in this area have made major renovations and they now embody a modern, fresh, and more sophisticated living style. Over 20 million dollars has been spent renovating some apartments with accessible technology features that transform living spaces into innovative smart units. Some apartments include an Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa, which allows you the ability to turn on and off your lights, control your fan, and even lock your front door with just your voice!

From the spacious resort-like outdoor lounge areas to indoor study rooms packed with high tech Mac computers, these apartments continue to make improvements and add new features that Aggies love. Apartments on Northgate are known for their impressive amenities: state of the art fitness rooms with the latest equipment, yoga rooms, and relaxing private pools overlooking Northgate, to name a few.

At Northgate’s upscale apartment communities, you’ll be impressed by the unique interior designs that mix modern style and fine furnishings in a comfortable living space. If you are looking for a more modest and budget friendly complex, there are also more affordable communities that provide the same location perks as any other apartment on Northgate. 

The Northgate community is student oriented and incredibly friendly. You will exchange a smile and “howdy!” with almost anyone you pass. As for the apartment communities, they are very supportive and driven to provide each resident with top notch service. Staff members are usually around from eight in the morning to late at night. If you need a light bulb fixed, plumber, or an extra pair of keys, there will be someone there to kindly assist you. Apartment communities range from large to small, depending on which residency you visit. Either way, you feel a sense of belonging with the many activities hosted by each complex. It’s an exciting feeling when you see flyers on your door that say “Pizza Night!” “Taco Tuesday” or “Nacho Bar”. At these get togethers, you can socialize and bond with peers that live in the same community as you and indulge in free food!

Apartment Pool

Getting to Campus

If you drive a car, you know how much of a hassle it is to snake your way to class through TAMU traffic. The amazing thing about living on Northgate is that you can quickly and easily walk to class.

Imagine not having to spend all of that extra time waiting in traffic or waiting for the infamous College Station train to cross at a whopping 5 miles per hour, often making you late to your destination. For those fortunate enough to have never witnessed it, College Station’s train is around 6,000 feet long, runs at about 5 miles per hour and passes between Texas A&M and George Bush Dr. at least twice every hour. The wait is long if you live across the railroad so living on Northgate definitely saves you time commuting. Walking to class from your apartment at Northgate is a breeze, and allows you the chance to run into friends, give your parents a quick phone call, or grab a cup of coffee to fuel you through that long lecture.

When Northgate residents need to get to the other side of campus, there are bus stops scattered nearby., I would suggest using the Howdy app to see a real time schedule of every bus. Biking is another popular way of getting around. Biking from your apartment on Northgate to Texas A&M’s campus is a fun and breezy way to get to class or an event. But beware that there are many steep slopes in and around campus, so your calves will feel the burn. But that is okay--you will be proud of your calf pump once you get to class!


Being close to campus is great, but what else is there to do nearby when you live in an apartment on Northgate? Here are a few of my favorite spots.

Make sure you put on shoes before leaving home because our first stop is Bottle Cap Alley, a paved alley with decades of discarded beer tops. Bottle Cap Alley is a unique College Station attraction located on the Main Strip.

Bottle Cap Alley in Northgate

As its name suggests, it is an alleyway carpeted with hundreds of thousands of beer and soda bottle caps. No one exactly knows how the tradition of tossing the caps came about, but it is believed to have begun as a dumping ground for the Dry Bean pub and the Dixie Chicken restaurant. Who would have thought a dumping ground would turn into such a prominent tourist attraction? As the word of Bottle Cap Alley spread, other local bars, pubs, and restaurants brought over their bags of discarded bottle caps to dump. The tradition is believed to be four decades long and it is still going strong. This is just one of the many charms that makes Northgate shine. 

Another one of my favorite places to check out on Northgate is Blackwater Draw,  “the place to be at.” They serve steak, turkey legs, chicken, and burgers, cooked to order on an open wood fire grill. A recent guest at Blackwater Draw expressed how “their foods are infused with authentic home-cooking elements other places don’t give, like their fried ocres”. If you want a turkey leg but don’t want to wait for rodeo season, go to Blackwater Draw. It’s perfect to spend time with your family during the day and drink beer with your bud. It is also pet friendly so bring your pooches!

The Corner Bar is another attraction that has a perfect understated name to match its cool vibe. If you are looking for good food, cold drinks, a place to meet your friends after class, or even a fun night out, the Corner Bar’s got you covered. That’s not all. Head upstairs to the rooftop patio for the best view of Northgate. At Corner Bar, you can have a great meal or drinks with a a panoramic view of Texas A&M and, if you’re lucky, a beautiful College Station sunset. The Corner Bar also has a patio on the street level with comfy couches, perfect for lounging with friends or people-watching. There is always something interesting to see around Northgate, which is one of my favorite things about living here.

Dining Options

If you live on Northgate, rest assured you will never go hungry. This area is packed with all kinds of dining options, ranging from shawarma trucks to authentic Texas barbeque. There’s something for every taste bud here and chances are you’ll find it only blocks from your apartment. Here is a list of some restaurants on Northgate that local residents love:

  • Dixie Chicken - Relaxed, rustic country-themed setting. Jerky, fried chicken, burgers and beer are some popular options.
  • Blackwater Draw - Home-style cooking, amazing brunch menu, turkey legs, fire-wood burgers, chicken, and serves largest beer and martini’s on Northgate.
  • BBQ 13 - Historic atmosphere, unique hand-crafted BBQ, authentic Texan pulled pork and brisket sandwich.
  • La Bodega - Fresh, light, coastal Mexican food, taco bar, and comfy hang out setting to study or relax with friends
  • The Backyard - Laid back restaurant/bar, spacious area to play darts, video games, known for their specialty drinks
  • Duddley’s Draw - Country-style setting, entertaining arcade games, fresh sandwich subs, taco salad, super nachos
  • Antonio’s Pizza - Famously made fresh pizza of unique flavors like Mac n Cheese, Quesadilla, and Nacho. Friendly and inviting setting. In addition to pizza,  salads and calzones are also served

Of course, if you just want a quick meal or snack, there are many fast food restaurants on Northgate too.


When you live in an apartment on Northgate, making weekend plans is easy. Whether you're looking for a quiet night out with a nice bottle of wine or want to dance the night away in a concert hall, Northgate is the place to be, offering a nightlife experience that will fit any mood!

Northgate’s entertainment district has some of the most popular bars and clubs in College Station. If you’re looking for dancing, stop by the local clubs to hear everything from hip hop,  house, dub-step, pop, rap, techno, and even a little country. House DJ’s even serve up original mixes that are mind blowing. Here is a list of top clubs if you want to experience Northgate’s go-to nightlife:

  • One15
  • Icon Nightclub and Lounge
  • Foundation Lounge
  • Hookah Bar
  • Social Lounge

Why You Should Consider Apartments on Northgate

If you want to live blocks from from Texas A&M University, quality restaurants, and thrilling nightlife, an apartment on Northgate may be right for you.

Ready to start your apartment search? Click here to view listings of all of the best College Station apartments, including those on Northgate. Once you find a few that look interesting, I would encourage you to visit them in person so you can see what they’re like. And while you’re here, walk around Northgate to see whether you want to make it your home!