Three Bedroom Apartments in College Station

Home away from home


If you’re looking to make college life as easy as possible, consider a three bedroom apartment. 

A three bedroom apartment is the ideal living situation if you don’t mind company and are looking to save on rent, utilities, furnishings, and groceries. But, other than saving heaps on almost all expenses, renting a three bedroom apartment can  make you feel more at home than most would think. 

College life can get busy, rough, and take up most of your time on the weekends you aren't able to go back home or even go out. What surprises me about what some of my friends say about their roommates, is how much they feel like they have a family and a home away from home. 

Of course, everyone has their quirks but that’s what makes things  interesting sometimes. The stories we hear from other friends, the memories we make, and the obvious bond that all Aggies have is the reason we’re here. 

So if you’ve decided a three bedroom seems like the perfect fit for you, take a look at your options below!

You wouldn’t have chosen Aggieland if you didn’t already know and love the people in it, so sharing the experience can be rewarding and obviously extremely helpful in a lot of ways.