Two Bedroom Apartments in College Station

How two can be better than one


Are you interested in the luxury of having more space but paying less rent? 

As I moved into my sophomore year of college, I realized that my schedule was becoming crazy. After a long day of work or school sometimes I wanted to lay low and have less noise... and more space on the couch. 

I still enjoyed having the company, friendship, and cheaper rent that comes with roommates - so deciding to rent a two bedroom was a smart choice and the perfect fit. 

You still have to keep it real and discuss how to maintain cleanliness, divide rent, furnishings, bills, and living space. Maybe you or your roommate own a pet and have to discuss those responsibilities (or maybe it's their pet and you only have cuddling responsibilities). 

Whether you're moving in with an old friend, getting assigned one, or found the perfect match right here in Aggieland, a two bedroom offers privacy and company in the perfect package. 

Take a look at some of the best options in Bryan- College Station below!