One Bedroom Apartments in College Station

Want to rent a place without roommates?


Nearly every Aggie has daydreamed about ditching their roommate and renting their own place. But is a one-bedroom apartment right for you?

Obviously, you'll have more privacy and control of your living space: noise, music, visitors, cleanliness, and more. Living alone could help you build independence and freedom too.

One-bedroom apartments are especially great for Texas A&M students who have a busy schedule, so that after a long day they can get immediate peace and quiet. 

Before you sign that solo lease, think about what you're giving up. Even though living with roommates can bring some friction, we tend to overlook the social value of having someone to make an apartment feel more like a home. Then there's the practical side. Sharing a place with roommates makes everything cheaper: rent, utilities, groceries, and even Netflix.

Now if you've decided that you're ready to find your own place, here are all of the best one-bedroom apartments in College Station.